Sons of Anarchy: Clay Makes No Empty Threats

Series creator Kurt Sutter and his crew must have had a eureka moment when they made this week's Sons of Anarchy episode, proving that the rest of season 2 can live up to its glorious start while surpassing expectations week after week. Charming is rapidly turning into a combat zone, not just with the arrival of the Aryans, but the fact that the Jax-Clay feud is now starting to take form, with members of SAMCRO taking sides.

The whole Clay-Jax tension is bad enough as it is but Tig's sudden motorcycle accident has made things worse. It turns out that Tig can't be treated in a hospital because of his HMO plan, while a team of bounty hunters are out to get him. And so begins a feud between Jax, who wants to save Tig from the Recovery Agents that have captured him, and Clay, who wants to push through with the gun deal.

As you would have expected, Jax disregards Clay's orders and takes the group to the motel where Tig is being held by bounty hunters. The tension alone is exhilarating but the action-packed scene takes an even wilder turn as they crash the motel room and hold the bounty hunters at gunpoint just enough for Tig to make his escape.

Meanwhile, we see another side of Gemma as she wrestles with the idea of whether or not to kill AJ as she overhears him talking to his son. As the matriarch of SAMCRO and as someone who is no stranger to violence, seeing Gemma spare AJ is a little bit out of character especially after what she went through at the hands of LOAN. At least there's comfort in knowing that Gemma has someone looking out for her in the form of Chief Unser, who reveals to Tara that he has known Gemma since she was 12.

Now for the interesting part, we see Opie taking the side of Clay, having no idea that Clay's responsible for the death of his wife Donna, while Piney is obviously with Jax because he knows that Clay was behind Donna's death. I can only imagine how Opie will react when he finds out that his best friend and father somewhat betrayed him by not telling him the truth, much less discover that Clay and Tig were behind Donna's death.

And just when you think the episode couldn't get any better, Sons of Anarchy wraps up with Clay makes no empty threat on Jax that he'd kill him if he ever brings up the incident involving Donna again, dawning on us that this is just the beginning of anarchy.

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