Heroes: Sylar Wins Over Matt the Addict

Things are gradually picking up on Heroes, thanks to Carnie Samuel Sullivan, who has unleashed yet another set of skills, and Sylar, who still thrives as a villain even though he's just existing in Nathan's body and living in Matt's head. I've always found Samuel interesting simply because there's just so much to unearth about the new mystery guy. But Sylar, I never thought that he could do any more damage than messing with people's head.

But "Ink" proves me wrong by illustrating just how powerful Sylar can be. When Matt goes to investigate a potential drug dealer, Sylar tries to convince Matt to use his powers--- which Sylar then uses against Matt by manipulating him into believing that there's a dead body of a little girl under the drug dealer's stairs. Driven by his anger, Matt nearly beats the drug dealer to death, consequently ruining his career as a cop. And to make things worse, a desperate Matt uses his power to brainwash his police partner to think the drug guy attacked him.

It looks like Matt has completely given into the dark side. I'm not really sure how this is all possible since Heroes has led me to think that Sylar is brainwashed to believe that he is Nathan by giving him Nathan's body and memories. If so, shouldn't Sylar manifest himself even more in Nathan than Matt? At any rate, I'm enjoying this whole internal battle with Sylar and I just hope that, in the long run, the outcome won't disappoint.

While Sylar winning over Matt is interesting, seeing Matt wrestle with his power as some sort of addiction isn't. I'm also guessing that Matt's just leading people to believe that he's a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, considering that no one is his support group is aware of his ability.

So far it's Sylar-1, Matt-0. Now, if only Matt would give back Sylar's body.

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