Alan Ball Dishes Details on 'True Blood' Season 2

Attendees of The 25th Annual Paley Festival last Monday had quite a thrill as they were given a breathtaking dose of True Blood. The cast and producers of the acclaimed HBO vampire drama made their appearance, greeting fans and reminding them that season 2 is on its way.

Currently shooting episode seven of the sophomore installment, show runner Alan Ball announced that they're going to up the ante this time. While they're still faithful to Charlaine Harris' book series, bringing the sequels to life (pun not intended) will be even more of a challenge.

During their discussion, Alan Ball was asked about the Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle that's been haunting audiences for quite some time now. E! Online managed to squeeze out some details from the series creator, from Sookie's fate to the dangers she faces as more supernatural creatures surround her.

Regarding Anna Paquin's character, Ball revealed: She spends the first half of the season focusing on vampires and vampire politics in Dallas, as a sort of favor to Eric, and she spends the last half of the season cleaning up the mess that some new supernatural creatures have created in her town-and she is pissed. She is not going to take it anymore.

The series star also had a few words regarding her character's romantic relationships. It's really only just sort of slightly hinted at, as of yet-we're shooting seven right now, Paquin said of the love triangle. But Eric's definitely leering down from his heights.

Speaking of Eric, actor Alexander Skarsgard revealed his thoughts regarding the season 2 romance. Everything becomes more private and personal in season two. [...] He's very much emotionally involved now. And I'm not just talking about his relationship between Eric and Sookie and Bill, but other things as well.

Alan Ball agreed, saying, Eric has more of a presence in season two-you get a little of his backstory, you find out a bit of what's important to him, what is meaningful to him, what makes him cry.

One person who might just bring the Viking vampire to tears is Sookie's lover (on-screen and off) Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer. When asked about how his character felt upon seeing Eric move in on his lady, the actor answered, I'm not going to lie, when I see those little things in the script, those little moments when Eric's pouting at her from across the room, I'm like, I'm going to have a word with that scamp later. It does make me step back a little bit and be upset, which is exactly how Bill reacts as well.

As for the rest of the show, Alan Ball said there'd always be True Blood as long as there are books to follow. He promised he wouldn't veer far from Harris' vision, especially since the author practically publishes a book a year.

Still, it's season 2 that's nearing. Don't forget to mark your calendars for June 14, when True Blood returns on HBO.

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