FAMILY GUY ''And Then There Were Fewer'' Review Season 9, Episode 1

FAMILY GUY meets Agatha Christie. The ninth season premiere, And Then There Were Fewer, kicked off with the Griffin family heading to a mansion in the middle of nowhere along with fellow residents of Quahog. One by one, several characters are killed off and it's up to Peter Griffin and his fellow Quahogians (Quahogans? Quahogs?) to figure out who the killer is.

It turns out all of the residents of Quahog were invited for dinner in their honor, hosted by James Woods. Woods is a born again Christian, and he decides to make amends with the guests at dinner, each of whom he says he has somehow wronged in the past. As each of the guests are killed off, cluedo-style, chaos ensues.

Family Guy is either hilarious or cringingly unfunny. And Then There Were Fewer was mostly the latter.

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