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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ''Remember Paul'' Review

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, season seven, episode one, Remember Paul saw the return of well, Paul. Yes, Paul Young is back to wreck havoc on Wisteria Lane. Maybe the writers can make his storyline remotely interesting this time around.

After ten years in prison, Felicia Tillman (sister of the woman Paul murdered) was found alive (Paul was convicted of her murder) so an exchange is made: Paul is released, Felicia is incarcerated. As we saw at the end of last season, Paul is renting Susan's home while Susan, Mike and their six year old snob, I mean son, stay in another house a few blocks away. At the end of last season this development promised great change with regard to Susan and the residents of Wisteria Lane. I had hoped it meant the end of Susan forever. Unfortunately that was not to be; really nothing has changed. She still goes to Wisteria Lane to gossip and nosey, she just takes a car to get there.

Carlos and Gabby are keeping secrets from each other. The fact that Eva Longoria Parker is the only housewife without an Emmy nomination is completely laughable: she is the best housewife, the most consistently entertaining. Bree tells Gabby that her son killed Carlos mother. But Gabby decides to keep the secret to herself because otherwise there would be no plot Carlos is so happy. Meanwhile, Carlos is told that Juanita was swapped at birth. He too decides to keep the secret to himself because otherwise there would be not plot Gabby will kill herself.

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