RUBICON ''In Whom We Trust'' Review Season 1, Episode 10

Last week's episode of RUBICON gave us new insight into, and confirmation of, the characters' troubled personal lives. In this week's episode In Whom We Trust, the show continues to highlight the negative effects that the team's work has on their lives and psychological well-being. And of course, there is always the recurring theme of paranoia.

Kale finds a bug in the base of a lamp at his home. Kale helps Maggie deal with her no-good ex-husband. Will overreacts to Andy's ambiguous phone call which she says was to her sister. Will contacts Katherine, but Donald Bloom threatens and plays on their fears to keep them apart. Minus Tanya, the team discovers Kateb, George, and Yuri are dead. While Tanya goes through drug counseling, she is stuck in the basement filing paperwork until she is allowed to join the team again. Will discovers the final project that David was working on.

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