Recap Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 2 - Mother and Child Reunion Part 2

Emma is at a hotel waiting for Jordan, a teenage environmentalist whom she met on the internet. After waiting in the hotel lobby, his "teacher" greets Emma and invites her up to his hotel room, claiming that Jordan is upstairs waiting for her. His gentle demeanor, unassuming appearance (not to mention the pizza he's holding) seem to convince Emma that he's perfectly innocent. But when they head into an empty room, with no sign of other children, Emm starts to worry. Her fears are confimed when the man admits that he is Jordan, and that he only pretended to be a teenager so that Emma would agree to see him. The terrified girl rushes for the door but has trouble unlocking it. Before Jordan can grab her, she rushes into the bathroom and locks herself there, trapped and unable to escape. On the other side of the door, the man tries to convince Emma to come out and that he won't hurt her. She remains behind the door but her fear and confusion is evident. Jordan tries to convince her to come out of the bathroom by promising to leave the room and allow Emma to go back downstairs to the lobby. When she hears the door to the hotel room open and gently close, she takes a deep breath and eases the bathroom door open. But Jordan is laying in wait. As soon as the door open, he pounces and drags her to the bed where he has a video camera set up. Emma is trembling in fear.

Back at home, Manny has convinced Toby and JT that Emma is in danger and they have to find out where she went. They try several different words, hoping to crack her computer password and gain access to her email account - because if they can do that, then they can learn what hotel Jordan is staying at.

Meanwhile, the old gang from Degrassi are "enjoying" their night at the reunion. Joey's suspicions about Caitlin's fiance, Keith, are confirmed when he overhears Keith talking to another woman about breaking it off with Caitlin. Joey confronts Keith in front of everyone at the reunion but the other man tries to cover up his misdeeds. His indiscretion is exposed when his flirting partner reveals details of their conversation in front of Caitlin, who is heartbroken to hear that he's not interested in marrying her.

Moments later, Manny, JT, and Toby burst into the reunion looking for Emma's mom. They finally figured out what hotel Emma had gone off too and hurriedly explain the situation to Spike. She and Snake take off for the hotel, leaving the kids behind to find their way home. They burst into the hotel, racing to save Emma and protect her from the predator. They finally locate the room and pound on the door, screaming to be let in. Emma lets out a terrified "MOMMY!" and manages to escape Jordan's clutches long enough to make a dash for the door. She manages it and throws herself into her mother's arms. Jordan tries to claim it's all a mistake but Snake has his number. He pins the pedophile against the wall, threatening him with his life.

The next day the police take Emma's computer from the house, as they need it for evidence. The officer tells Spike they will get it back when the case is closed... but when they do it get back, they need to put it in the living room, and keep the "bad guys" out of Emma's bedroom. The officer also assures Emma's mom that this man will be going away for a long time - he's a repeat offender and this time they've nailed him. Spike looks relieved. Her daughter is safe.

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