'Cougar Town' recap: 'What Are You Doin' In My Life,' Beverly D'Angelo? Episode 16

Perfect casting: Beverly D'Angelo as Busy Philipps' bad mom. The Sheila character called to mind Jan Hooks as Jane Krakowski's only-out-for-herself mom on 30 Rock, though I'm not sure Jenna's mom would have known 'exactly the right place to punch a person to make them throw up.' After all the familial drama ('mom dram'? can we make that happen?), Philipp's Laurie, who wants to be a grownup so bad, will finally move into her own condo (with a co-sign from Jules). Meanwhile, Barb and Travis had a big Norma Desmond subplot - Travis' reaction upon seeing Barb after her ghastly facelift that 'hurt like a thousand sons of bitches' reminded me of when Maeby found that blood-sucking creature Lucille on Arrested Development. By the way, do not miss Tanner's hilarious interview with Carolyn Hennesy, the genius behind super-cougar Barb - she describes the character as 'Sue Ann Nivens meets Karen from Will & Grace with a touch of Cloris Leachman thrown in.' She also did the voice of Bambi's dead mother.

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