Recap Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 4 - Eye Of The Beholder

Terri's sure that no guy will ever want her and she wants to skip the school dance. Terri's father encourages her to go but she says no guy wants to dance with a fat pig like her. Later at school she tells her friends that her father is over protective and won't let her go. They don't seem convinced. But when Spinner expresses interest in her, Ashley begs her to let her give her a makeover for the dance. Terri finally agrees, and actually seems excited at the prospect. A jealous Paige wants to help too, though her motives are less than altruistic. Paige secretly wants Spinner for herself and plays on Terri's insecurities - ultimately getting Terri drunk and into some sexy but unflattering clothing. Unfortunately, Ashley went ahead to the dance to do her presidential ticket collecting duties and isn't there to stop Paige from ruining Terri's night.

At the dance, Terri is visibly drunk. Ashley protects Terri from being seen by the school principal but she is unable to shield her from Spinner's questioning gaze. She does at least fix Terri's clothes so they aren't so revealing. Terri and Spinner share a dance but Terri's drunken state ruins the entire event and Terri ends up crying in the bathroom. Paige seizes the opportunity to slip into Spinner's arms, effectively stealing him right out from under Terri's nose.

Emma runs into Sean at the dance and asks him if he'd like to dance. He says yes, and leads her to the dance floor hand in hand.

At school the next day Terri and Spinner exchange an awkward greeting, while a territorial Paige stands nearby, making her claim on Spinner known to Terri who is dismayed by the entire situation. Ashley offers a comforting presence but it's clear that the dream of a Spinner/Terry romance is over.

Toby and JT pass on the dance in favor of sneaking a glimpse of some Internet porn. Unfortunately, JT's parents catch them at it. Later, we discover that they forced the two boys two look at porn with them... an embarassment the two boys won't be getting over any time soon. Emma and Manny are amused and disgusted by the story, saying "Losers!" in unison.

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