Recap Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1, Episode 5 - Parent's Day

JT and Toby are dreading Parent's Day but for vastly different reasons: Toby is dreading seeing his parents in the same room (apparently they always fight) and JT isn't looking forward to disclosing the "D" he received on his latest math test. They jokingly debate poisoning the water fountains with E-Coli but then reason it's probably poisoned already. A teacher overhears and assures them the water is tested regularly.

Emma is annoyed in homeroom when the morning announcements feature News About Kids (NAK), a morning program that uses product placement to an irritating degree. But Emma believes that school should be a commercial free zone and not a place to recruit future consumers. She also takes objection to the subject matter. This week it's an editorial piece about "squeegee kids" - in other words, the teenagers that attempt to extort money from people by squeegee-ing their windshields without asking. NAK makes it clear that they think this money is used to purchase tattoos or drugs. Idealistic Emma is furious that they stereotype these teenagers, claiming that they are poor and are just trying to make a living.

Meanwhile, Ashley is staring at herself in the bathroom mirror as Paige and Terri come in. Paige rolls her eyes when she sees Ashley's morose expression and says, "Every time NAK claims your airspace, you go all manic-depressive." Ashley defends herself, pointing to an imaginary zit as evidence of why she's examining herself in the mirror. But Terri tells her it's just a pore and that Paige has a point: she doesn't like it when she doesn't get to give the morning announcements. And everyone likes her better than those lame NAK kids, so what's her problem? Terri tells her she should get an agent... after all, their friend Heather has one, why couldn't Ashley get one, too? She reminds her that Toby's mom is a casting agent, and Ashley's good looks combined with her on-air experience make her a shoe-in to get signed. The two girls leave the bathroom chattering excitedly while Paige stays behind to wash her face, a look for unhappiness spreading across her face. Jealousy rears it's ugly head - again.

Outside the school, Toby is trying to get J.T. to help him come up with a plan to keep his parents from reuniting at Parent's Night. Ashley sees them and bounces up to her pseudo step-brother, asking him if it's true his mom is an agent. Toby is surprised by the question but confirms that it's true. Ashley is happy to learn that his mother is definitely coming to Parent's Night, much to the confusion of the boys.

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