Hayden Panettiere Pictured On Set of 'Scream 4'

After cast in "Scream 4", Hayden Panettiere has been finally pictured on the set of the movie. Donning a black jacket matched with a short skirt and stockings, the former "Heroes" beauty was seen filming the scene set at Woodsboro High School.

During the production in early this month, Panettiere was accompanied by another new cast member Emma Roberts. The blond star was later expected to resume filming the fourth "Scream" movie on July 5 at Woodworth Middle School in Ternes St Dearborn, MI which is converted into Woodsboro High School for the production.

In the latest installment of "Scream" film series, Hayden Panettiere is cast as a nerdy film geek who is a best friend of Jill, played by Emma Roberts. Original cast members including Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette return to the upcoming movie to reprise their roles as Sidney Prescott, Gale and Dewey respectively.

Director of the previous three "Scream" films, Wes Craven, still tackles the helming duty for the new project, which is slated to arrive in the U.S. on April 15, 2011. As of late, it has been reported that Ehren Kruger is hired to polish the script written by Kevin Williamson.

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