Review: 'Big Love' - 'The Mighty and Strong' Season 4, Episode 4

This week's episode was full of moments that made my spine want to worm its way up my neck and straight out the back of my head like sp,e bizarre alien larvae working its way through my innards for a chance at breathing some clean air.

Sure, the tension was thick and coated the show in a gooey texture from the opening to closing credits, but this week also added an extra layer of pure visceral emotion that broke through the screen and made you feel the unspoken tension in places you didn't know had nerve endings.

As Bill prepares to move forward with his run for a state senate seat, things are starting to get really dirty thanks to his rival Rep. Colburn who now sees him as a Defcon-3 threat for the first time. Maybe it's Bill's naive nature or just plain stupidity, but his lack of preparation for the dirty, scum-sucking world of the political landscape is almost laughable and his surprise reaction to an anonymous INS tip about his business to his questionable bookkeeping practices. Phillip J. Fry would not have had a less laughable reaction to these bombshells.

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