'More to Love' More Similar to 'Bachelor' Than Previously Thought

One word: Christina.

After figuring out the show's premise and airing its premiere, everybody thought that More to Love might turn out to be different from such shows as The Bachelor (never mind that they both came from the same guy). By the second episode, however, it was clear that while More to Love features girls of different physiques, cattiness and bitchiness will both prevail.

Take Christina, for instance. She made it clear that she thinks she's different from the rest of the sobbing, self-esteem-deficient bunch when she proclaimed in the episode, "Besides my weight I think I have everything else." Later on, she shocked everyone when she said, "All he has to do is look at me and he will say I am keeping her."

The 23-year-old Brighton, Michigan native subsequently became the subject of talk from the other girls, one calling her a complainer, while another said she had an air of snootiness to her, which, in my opinion, is putting it mildly. When the 15 remaining women were split into teams, the expected happened and Christina was the last one picked, which worked for her because she got to spend the day with Luke.

We also got to know that Adrianne doesn't want kids, thanks to Lauren, whom Vanessa called "a little catty" (again, a little too euphemized for my taste).

I heard in this awesome analysis that some might think that fat people tend to be nicer. From the looks of things, it's not totally true. While there has not been an all-out villain on More to Love, it's fair to say that these people aren't angels at all, and that we might be watching The Bachelor after all, only with bodies that don't make most of us want to kill themselves.

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