THE MIDDLE ''Homecoming'' Review Season 2, Episode 2

THE MIDDLE Homecoming Season 2 Episode 2 - Sue's first cross-country meet falls on the same day as Axl's first homecoming game, making for a very unhappy Frankie in the Homecoming episode of THE MIDDLE. While Mike teaches Brick the finer points of leaf-raking, Frankie eventually finds her way onto the football field with Axl.

Poor hapless Sue. She tries so very, very hard, but no matter what she does, she'll always be the one who gets attacked by a raccoon while in the middle of a race. She'll also always be the one who thinks she might be winning because she can't see anyone in front of her and the one who understands how much her mom needs some affection from her brother, and that's not at all a bad thing. So many of the touching moments in family comedies can ring false or corny, but I actually really love Sue's quiet Okay, mom, let's go get your moment after Frankie's rant about Axl's teenagery stand-offishness.

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