Stargate Universe 1.17 "Pain" Recap

Just when we thought it was safe to leave the airlock, and that the ship was on even terms, we get another alien threat that rocks the crew of the Destiny to its core… In the form of some alien TICKS! I'm sorry, but the thought of having any type of parasite on me, plus said parasite making me hallucinate, is freaking nerve-wracking to me…

Sex Is A Helluva Thing…

While the Destiny is in FTL, Scott and VANESSA are going at it HARD in the sack. We are talking balls to the wall type sex here and if I didn't know any better, I would say it was some serious angry make up sex mixed in as well. Before you can wrap your mind around the "hows", "whys", and "WTFs" of the situation, Scott finishes and immediately wants to toss Vanessa into a corner like a lonely, crusty gym sock. But Vanessa is not going after that "Wam Bam, Thank You, Sir!" sex they just went through, so, she blocks the door. Scott, pissed, wrestles with Vanessa, slamming her on the ground to get her out his way. Vanessa then comes up, grabbing a lantern and smashing the back of Scott's skull, sending him to the ground with blood flowing from his head. Dead.

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