Vanessa Hudgens Convinces Zac Efron to Put a Ring on it?

Okay, so there's no official word but the rumor mill is working overtime on Zanessa this week. First, scandal broke out when Zac Efron was seen hanging out with young Hollywood hopeful Danielle Panabaker at Hugo's earlier this week. Obviously the two were just hanging out and no romantic connection could be seen between the two of them, but people had fun speculating. Next, rumors are out that Zac Efron has promised himself to Vanessa Hudgens.

That's right, there was no official proposal. The rumors state that it was more of a Don't worry honey, we will be getting married at some point sort of thing. So when will he propose? Are the rumors true? Will Vanessa and her mother be satisfied without a ring?

More reports came out that Efron actually proposed while the couple was in Japan and that their wedding date is set for 2010. With all the pictures shot of Vanessa Hudgens and no engagement ring, this report is less likely. If it is true that Zac proposed, he obviously didn't do it right if he didn't give her a fat ring to show off.

We must remember that Hudgens is only 20-year-old and although the couple has been dating for quite a while, young marriages don't often last in Hollywood. Evidently, Vanessa's mom didn't approve of the two living together before they were officially to be wed. She must've been putting a lot of pressure on the 21-year-old man if he really proposed. Maybe Vanessa will be moving in to Zac's new 1.5 million dollar home in Los Angeles. Only time will tell.

So, what's the verdict? Do you think Zac has really proposed? Do you think Zanessa can make it? Will Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron be one of Hollywood's long term golden couples? If they were engaged, why not show the ring off at the Oscars?

Sound off with your thoughts below. Is this a real piece of juicy gossip or just another silly rumor?

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