'Treme' - 'Shallow Water, Oh Mama' Recap Episode 6

Maybe it was the sperm costumes preceding the Ray Nagin diddling himself Krewe du Vieux float or the fact I've been on a necessary dose of Tylenol 3, but this episode of 'Treme' left me in good spirits.

Finally, there's a real break in the "Where is Daymo?" case. Antoine donates the Japanese fan-bought trombone to his mentor. Creighton's literary agent bears mostly good (if not predictable and exploitative) news from Random House. Albert's Indians crew has arrived and is ready to practice (and sew) for Mardi Gras. And one of my favorite moments of the show so far -- Delmond getting over himself and singing 'Shallow Water, Oh Mama' with the the Indians.

OK, it wasn't all sweetness and light. Poor Janette. She can't ask her staff to work without pay and has nowhere to turn for a bailout, so she decides to close shop and regroup. It's a shame, because obviously she's talented (even the chi chi New York chefs said so) and people love her food, but it's a small business, and she can't pay the bills. I can't say I shed any tears for her situation, though.

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