Previewing Episode 9.15 "Kill Me If You Can"

Now this is what I call a pretty slow burn. Last week's episode of CSI was the fourth episode with Laurence Fishburne solo, and we're settling in to a new order of sorts. Then again, I sometimes have to remind myself: Raymond Langston is CSI Level 1, and Catherine Willow (Marg Helgenberger) is the new leader of sorts. Just happens that Langston knows something that the rest doesn't, and we're still in the process of digging up his background and why he does things the way he does them. Of course, four episodes aren't enough.

For me, though, it's pretty interesting seeing Langston come into his own, being an authority of sorts without actually upsetting anything. Last week his actions proved crucial in uncovering the truth about who killed Edward Griffin's mistress, although he admitted he had a lot of help in doing so. Well, he obviously didn't do it by himself, but I'm expecting that the time will come when he settles into his position and shines on his own. Or something like that. I must be blabbering after all that boric acid.

Tomorrow night's episode of CSI might be an opportunity for Langston to do that - and for everybody else to get going and so on . The team gets sent to three different cases, all in one night - by now we know it's all in a day's, or night's, work. Totally different cases, or so it seems - the catch is, they'll find out that there's a connection between the three. Forensic evidence said so. Oh, the so-called CSI effect - isn't that what happened last week? The way they found out who actually killed that Amber girl? How they pieced the puzzle together?

John Schneider and Michael Weston - you probably remember him as that private investigation in House - are guest stars in tomorrow night's CSI, from 10pm on CBS. And, if you haven't seen them yet, you can check out the sneak peek slideshow - with actual photos. Well, that was a contrived joke, but photos can be evidence after all, and - oh, never mind.

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