What Would Happen if 'The Bachelor' Jason Mesnick Competed on 'Survivor'?

Here's a juicy bit of gossip for reality television fans to chew on. Everyone knows the story of real-life Sleepless in Seattle single dad, Jason Mesnick, who applied to be on The Bachelorette in the hopes of finding a new mom to complete his ideal family. But here's what you might not know.

Jason's original first choice wasn't to appear on The Bachelorette. He wanted to be on Survivor: Gabon. One can imagine an alternate universe where Jason survived Tribal Council votes instead of rose ceremonies. He would have lived in a lean-to shelter under constant rainfall instead of at The Mansion. Forget about the time he had to compose a song and sing it for Deanna. Instead he would have had to rip big hunks of meat off of a roast with his teeth and spit it in a bucket. The team with the heaviest bucket wins. Not everything would have changed. Either way he still probably would have gone on a helicopter ride. Well, as long as he didn't get eaten by wild animals first!

To be fair, from what I understand Jason never received a callback about becoming a castaway. For all anyone knows his application to CBS could have gotten lost in the mail. You've got to wonder whether the Eye network is kicking themselves right now. They could find room on that cast for G Sizzle, the angry maintenance worker best remembered for storming off and almost missing a challenge, but they couldn't find room for the enormously popular spin off star of alternate universe where Jason survived Tribal Council votes inste and The Bachelorette?

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