'Hell's Kitchen' Insider: Poor Charlie. The Undeserving Losses Continue.

After being on Hell's Kitchen, its very easy for me to spot who has not watched the show beforehand. I will admit I had never seen Hell's Kitchen before I signed on the dotted line. I really had no idea of what I was about to get myself into, and still to this day I wonder why I didn't do a little research first.

Needless to say, I think there are a few hopeless cheftestants on this season, like little ol' Colleen. But there is definitely something to say for an over-40-something venturing onto the set of Hell's Kitchen to compete against a bunch of crazy energetic 20-year-olds. I think Colleen has probably one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard, and doesnt have a shot in Hell winning this competition, but good on her for having the sheer determination. I have kind of a love/hate Sarah-Palin-type-thing for Colleen.

Getting back to Episode 3, I have started to notice how vicious and cut-throat this season's contestants are. Both teams this year are excellent at not sugarcoating their feelings, and they are not afraid to call out someone for doing a shitty job. I really like it. I think I would have fit in perfectly. Andrea and her "bitch-switch" are just what this show needs. Say it like it is, and move on.

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