Rundown: "The Courtship of Betty's Father"

Hey, Ugly Betty fans! This week's episode featured a good dose of Claire Meade, which I always enjoy since it inevitably leads to a lot of jokes about murder and pill popping. The matriarch copes with her upcoming 60th birthday with a little retail therapy - except she skips the paying part. Another highly inevitable plot twist develops, too, having to do with Ignacio's pretty nurse. Also, Betty is unable to learn how to work a giant, ancient video camera! Ready to chat? Just read more.

* So Betty's back at home (boo) which just exposes us to even more nagging of Ignacio. I know he had a heart attack and that's super scary, but the girls treating him like a child is working my last nerve.

* I knew Elena was going to fall from the sisters' good graces when early on Hilda declares, "She's like the big sister I never had!"

* Meanwhile, Claire Meade is hilariously shoplifting mascara and calls Betty to bail her out. No matter how far astray this show goes from its roots, I will never tire of the Claire-Betty relationship. It's precious.

* I enjoy Claire's fun logic, especially when she explains it to the overly sensible Betty: "It's not shoplifting if you can afford the item but simply do not have the funds on you." Duh!

* Betty decides to put together a Claire tribute video (amazingly titled The Claire Witch Project by Amanda ) and while alcoholism is no laughing matter in the real world, it is on Betty! The old family footage of Claire drunkenly falling into the Christmas tree was pretty funny.

* Betty is pretty ridiculous with that giant camera. How hard could it be? Anyway, once she gets it going, Hilda comes sauntering in wearing the greatest sparkling dress ever because she wants her grandchildren to see how how hot she was. Love Hilda.

* I thought we were going to see footage of Ignacio and Elena making out, but all they gave us (and Betty) is an Ignacio butt grab. For a second, it just looks like he's sexually harassing his nurse, not that they're falling in love.

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