'White Collar' Creator Gives Clues To What Will Happen In Season Two Happen

In the season finale of 'White Collar,' we actually saw several plot developments (and these are massive spoilers so stop reading now if you haven't seen the episode yet).

Fowler got the ankle bracelet off of Neal, we learned there is a program called "Mentor," and Kate died (or maybe she didn't) in an explosion at the airport as she was about to fly away with Neal (and maybe that bomb was meant for Neal too). So what can we expect when season two debuts this year?

Creator Jeff Eastin told reporters that they're not going to change the show too much, because the way it's set up and the chemistry that the characters have with each other (especially Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay), is not something they want to change too much. He does say that they're shooting around Tiffani Thiessen's pregnancy because they don't want to write that into the show.

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