Stargate Universe 1.16 "Sabotage" Recap

SGU delivered an episode that equally balanced the phenomenal with the cringe-worthy, but the overall product proved to be another great episode as SGU enters the second half of it's 1.5 season.

Life Kinda Moves On

As Col. Young gives the crew of the Destiny a speech on the importance of rationing due to the ship being in between galaxies and the loss of Lt. Scott, Eli, and Chloe, he gets a call from Dr. Rush to add more fuel to the drama. The Destiny has been shutting itself down to conserve energy, because it knows that it probably won't make it to the other galaxy in full power. Womp, womp, wooooommmmmmmp.

A meeting is held with Col. Young, Dr. Rush, Camile, Drs. Brody and Volker so they try to come up with a solution to their newfound problem, because while the Destiny can drift to the next galaxy, they won't live to see the day. Dr. Brody suggests that they try to increase the efficiency of the FTL drives, but Dr. Volker opposes that screwing with Ancient technology is ill-advised. Dr. Rush then proposes to bring someone in to help them via the communication stones, and his choice/recommendation is a Dr. Amanda Perry (Kathleen Munroe), who he served with on the mathematical proof that Eli eventually cracked. Plus, Amanda is a whiz in hyperdrive technology. There is a slight problem, though. Dr. Perry is a quadriplegic. Uh oh..

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