Katharine McPhee on Singing, Acting, and 'Community' Episode 18

Katharine McPhee is a singer turned actor made famous as a singer by a television show (more specifically, by 'American Idol'). If that's hard for fans to figure out, imagine how it feels for McPhee, who has a new album out, 'Unbroken,' a pilot for NBC called 'The Pink House,' and a guest appearance tonight on 'Community,' playing the stepdaughter of Chevy Chase's character. In between that, she's shifting tour dates around to accommodate her shooting schedule.

It's clear McPhee is where she wants to be, but it can leave her a bit scattered. "I'm just really grateful that I'm a person who doesn't just have to rely on one thing," she said in a recent media conference call, "because I'm a real - I mean I'm not ADD but two of my friends used to joke - my husband always jokes like that I'm ADD just because I can't really focus on something for very long."

McPhee grew up in Los Angeles, and though she says singing was her first love ("That was the first thing I knew as a kid I was good at," she says), she was an aspiring actor in high school. She remembers "creepy talent scouts" approaching her and her mother at the mall, telling them that young Katharine could be in movies and trying to scam them into taking acting courses. The extra attention made her a bit shy.

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