THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (CW) ''Brave New World'' Review Season 2, Episode 2

The second episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES season 2 is called ‘Brave New World’, but it could quite easily have been called ‘Consequences’. Nearly everything that happens in this episode related back to the brothers Salvatore, and with that comes some surprises.

Carol Lockwood asks Damon to take over as head of the Founder’s Council. He happily accepts, but soon overhears Hot Uncle doing his best Spanish Inquisition and asking Tyler about his mood swings. It doesn’t take much for him to add 2+2 and figure out that the Lockwoods are hiding something. So that night, he volunteers Stefan in an arm wrestling contest against Hot Uncle. After Stefan loses, Damon compels a carnival worker to goad Tyler into a fight. Hot Uncle comes to the rescue with some suspect supernatural moves and the Salvatores confirm that there’s something going on with Hot Uncle Lockwood. But what?

Caroline is now a vampire. After drinking from blood bags, compelling nurses and trying to get out of the hospital as soon as darkness falls, she’s at the school confronting Damon. Not a good move, since he decides she has to die. Stefan and Elena stop him from staking her, but not before Bonnie turns up on the scene and sees what her friend has become. As soon as Stefan and Caroline leave, she tries to burn Damon to death, but Elena stops her. It looks like Bonnie isn’t the only one with an ancestor problem - she’s getting seriously badass, just like her great-grandmother, Emily.

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