Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 18 - Spin City

Spin City opens with Chris sitting at the club consulting Tarot Cards. The card reads Judgment. A club employee comes in to set up and asks him what the deal is with Leo disappearing. "As far as I'm concerned", he says, "she deserves a hell of a lot better". Chris responds, rather darkly, "I couldn't agree with you more". The scene shifts to a hallway outside the elevator in the doctor's building where Piper has frozen everyone because she is tired of having people rub her stomach to 'touch' the baby. "Are you hormonal, or just plain crazy?", asks Paige. After they get on the elevator, Chris orbs in to check on how the baby exam went. Piper says "You're a boy" and when she starts to show Paige his blurry little penis on the ultrasound picture, Chris grabs the picture away ("Excuse me, do you mind?"). As they exit the elevator in the parking garage, they are attacked by the Spider Demon and Chris is scratched on his neck. Before she can be vanquished, the demon changes back into a spider and crawls away into an air vent.

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