'Scrubs' - 'Our Driving Issues' Recap Season 9, Episode 12

With our illustrious leader away on a covert mission for the state (you didn't hear that from me), I agreed to step in for this penultimate episode of 'Scrubs.' Hopefully, he'll be back in time for next week's finale as it may be his last chance. Still no word on the fate of 'Scrubs' 2.0 beyond these two episodes; I suspect ABC is holding out just in case ratings go up with the show as part of their successful "ABC Comedy Wednesday" block.

The episode itself was a bit of a mixed bag. I'm still just not able to get into Cole as a character. He's far too cartoonish for my tastes. At least J.D.'s antics were tempered by the sense that he was a person we could believe in, while Cox showed a vulnerable side underneath all his venom. I'm still struggling to believe in Cole as a sympathetic character.

Luckily, some moves were made to correct that as the episode wound down. Words of wisdom from one Bob Kelso making the difference in that one; what an interesting progression Kelso's character has had over the seasons.

This new iteration of 'Scrubs' is still struggling to find its own identity, even though it's now probably far too late. They're so close to finding the perfect balance between douchebaggery and humanity in Cole needed to make him watchable. Cox and Kelso were able to be bigger dicks from the beginning because they were in the roles of foils for J.D. and the original batch of interns so we didn't need to "root for them," though many of us did.

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