Review: 'Big Love' - 'Sins of the Father' Season 4, Episode 5

In his campaign to win the State Senate seat, Bill's slogan is Build With Bill, but based on the perfect storm of disaster surrounding his every move, that doesn't seem to be working out too well, does it? It's amazing that Bill's ambition -- this calling he claims he has to get into politics -- has yet to please anybody in his life. More on the big doings on 'Big Love' and the Utah State Republican convention after the jump.

Could there have been a worse calamity than Marilyn forcing Bill to make an introduction to Tommy at the casino and the whole kit and kaboodle coming along ... only to find that Bill's mother and father chose that night to check out the place? The fact that Bill somehow managed to keep Margene and Barb and Daphne/Nicki from being found out as his wives is amazing...

But the bigger problem facing Bill is the Ben issue. Ben feels exiled and he's not ready to forgive his father. Ben's feelings are not unlike Bill's. Bill cannot forgive his father for making him a lost boy, and Ben is perceptive enough to recognize the pattern. Bill's sympathy for the dead lost boy -- wanting to give him a proper burial -- and his moving speech at the run-off election in which he 'owned' his juvenile delinquency past, contrasted sharply to his unforgiving attitude to Ben and Marg.

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