Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 20 - A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

While Piper is at Magic School trying to figure out what evil is after Wyatt, Phoebe and Paige try to identify the demon who's been vanquishing other demons for the past three weeks. They're worried that some new force is trying to consolidate power, so he can take on the Charmed Ones.

"My gut says he's going to go after the Smoker demons tonight," Paige says. "Mercury is in retrograde, and that is when they surface."

The Smoker demons attack a priest, but before they can harm him, two blondes in black leather appear. Using throwing stars, they vanquish the Smokers, but let the terrified priest get away.

Paige and Phoebe orb in. The demons attack, but the sisters vanquish one, and the other shimmers out, leaving a throwing star behind. Paige says she'll use the weapon to look through the Book of Shadows for the demon, but Phoebe says she'll do it herself. Paige needs her rest - she's been pulling double duty since Phoebe lost her active powers.

Back at the manor, Paige goes to her bedroom, arranges three candles in a circle, and while lighting them, recites a spell:

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