Review: 'Caprica' - 'Reins of a Waterfall' Episode 3

Now begins the reign of mistrust. With the characters generally established, as well as their relationships to one another, it's time for the show to start sowing the seeds of conflict, and they get right down to it. The first thing they do is establish the Adams Adamas as even more brutish than I anticipated. The hats, coats and the whole 1950s gangster look should have been a tip-off, it appears.

Add to that the difficulties the Graystone's are dealing with now that Amanda has blurted out to all the twelve colonies that their daughter Zoe was a terrorist, and responsible for the train bombing that killed her, her boyfriend Ben and Joseph Adama's wife and daughter, among many other people. The unfair thing to Zoe is that while we know better, how can anything different be proven?

It's becoming clearer why old 'Battlestar Galactica's' Bill Adama is such a hard-ass. Hell, as hard as he was on that show, I'm not sure he holds a candle to the diamond-hardness of Joseph's heart. First, he vents his frustration about Graystone's involvement in his daughter Tamara's death by having his brother kick his ass in an alley, and then he demands to be reunited with her in the dark room Daniel created before he lost Zoe in the beta-Cylon.

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