Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 22 - It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World Part 1

As the birth of baby Chris approaches, the sisters prepare to send adult Chris back to the future. They write a spell, which Gideon tweaks:

In this place and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power,

Open the door through time and space, create a path to another place.

Instead of sending Chris to the future, however, it sends Chris and Leo to an evil parallel universe. At the same time, Evil Chris and Leo appear in the good world. Evil Chris shoots a Darklighter's arrow at Paige, but she deflects it. Evil Chris and Leo black-orb out, then head to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge to consider their next move.

"We've got to get back to our world," Evil Leo says. "We're going to need the Power of Three to do that."

"Well, we can't trust those Pollyanna witches," Chris complains. "They're too good. God, who do I have to kill so we can get out of here?"

"I think I might know somebody," says Evil Leo, "somebody we can use to force the sisters to help us."

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