'True Beauty' The Secret: Dumbest Moments

It was magic week on True Beauty and Regina almost got sent home for revealing the secret of the trick before she even got to perform it. She called it a dumb blonde moment but she shouldn't worry since several of her castmates had her beat in the "dumbest thing anyone ever said" department.


At the top of the show, Liz's on-camera confessional was all about hair extensions. One by one, she laid into the other girls in the house for being fake, fake, fake. Then she ran her fingers through her own, unnaturally smooth locks and coyly added, "Yeah, I got some stuff up in there, but it's not coming off." I believe that phrase about the pot and the kettle was made for a statement like this.


David returned to the house after a last minute reprieve from elimination and he was ecstatic. He bounced around, hugging everyone, whooping it up, while his castmates scowled and complained about his return in their voiceovers. An obviously clueless David had this to say, "I don't know how everybody felt about JD, everybody was so excited to see me they didn't bring it up." This guy needs a course in body language beginning with the meaning of a frown.

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