'Heroes' To Start Filming Season 4 Soon

As Heroes goes back to work to begin shooting its fourth season, clues were already rife in terms of how the saved NBC series will approach its new volume "Redemption." Judging from the array of characters it was on a lookout for, Heroes fans anticipate the sci-fi series to resemble HBO series Carnivale, complete with a character that will start out small then grow.

"Redemption," which was confirmed early last month despite dwindling ratings, is set to begin six weeks after "Fugitives." As seen in the prelude, Tracy's (Ali Larter) ability has evolved (again) allowing her to further manipulate water. In other casting news, Heroes is currently looking for a 20-something actress to play the hearing-impaired love interest of a main character, in addition to the show's "own Ellen Page" to play Claire's (Hayden Panettiere) quirky college roommate and an "Andre Braugher" to play Matt's (Greg Grunberg) partner and mentor.

Meanwhile, E! Online reports that Hiro's (Masi Oka) bloody noses and headaches will not go away any time soon on season 4. In fact, it's going to be a cause for speculation on if we're going to lose another hero soon.

In other news, Heroes remain to be one of the two most "valuable program franchises a marketer can tap into" despite losing audience share in the ratings, as reported by TV By the Numbers. The rankings try to assess the overall value of network and cable television programs by going beyond ratings to look at viewer involvement via blogs and social networks. The other top program as far as this parameter is concerned is ABC's Lost.

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