'The Bachelorette' Recap: Home runs Rober Season 6, Episode 8

Oh, hometown dates, how you amuse me so with your bad upholstery and meatloaf and taxidermy and lawn chairs and suburban tract housing. But there is no time to ruminate here - the most important decisions in the history of the world must be made! So that they can be unmade in a year or less! On with the show …

Roberto's hometown: Tampa, FL

Roberto has even more smooth moves in his hometown than he does on the road, if that's possible. It helps to be a former pro baseball player - then you just take the girl to your old playing field. And teach her how to bat. And give her a jersey with your number on it. (Ali's reaction: I love having a jersey with Roberto's number on it. It makes me proud. I'm like a proud wife.) And give her a baseball card of you when you played on her hometown's minor league team. (Ali: You are smoking hot.)

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