Community' Episode 23 Recap: Movie cliches have never been so good

We watched the best parts of every major action movie from the past 30 or so years last night on Community. And the scenes were as good - if not better - than when I first watched them at an inappropriately young age. Add to that a paintball war and some major Jeff and Britta action, and what you get is a really fun half hour that you can literally watch a few times in one night and I would know.

Much like the characters battling it out for the chance at priority registration, the episode became a game of name that movie. From Jeff awaking from a car nap to find the university in a state of chaos and destruction to his wounded soldier love scene with Britta, it was a cliche buffet, and I ate it up like a plate of from-the-oil cafeteria chicken fingers. Mmmm. But there was heart and meaning masked in the overtone of movie mockery, like when Britta told Jeff that he was a good person and when Jeff proved her right by giving Shirley his priority registration victory prize. Jeff and his shockingly rippled muscles (CGI? kidding think) might have won the heated paintball competition, but Community won the night with this episode. I guess I owe Ken Tucker a coke.

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