'Bones' Season 5, Episode 21 - 'The Boy with the Answer' Recap

What a fantastic episode! I was glued to the TV while watching the Grave Digger trial unfold. So glued that I didn't even flipped channels to learn the score of the seventh hockey game between the Canadians and Penguins! Probably making me the only Quebecer who didn't watch the game that night! (Note: I live in Quebec and I watch 'Bones' on Wednesdays.)

This week's 'Bones' had all the right ingredients for a compelling episode: twists, turns, emotions, drama, mystery, and Caroline Julian.

What an episode it was! Heather is definitely the greatest adversary the gang has had to face thus far. She is not only very intelligent but she is one killer (pun intended) of a lawyer in the court room. It did seem at times that she would be set free thanks to the way she had evidence be discarded and conducted her interrogations.

But unlucky for her, Brennan and company are one hell of a fantastic team and were able to gather the needed evidence to put Heather behind bars. But for how long? As Heather told Brennan, "This isn't over" and I expect Heather to go to appeal and try to be set free. If it doesn't work, Heather may be powerful and crazy enough to convince someone to do her bad deeds out in the world.

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