'The Mentalist' Season 2, Episode 22 - 'Red Letter' Recap

I wonder if 'The Mentalist' will ever stop with the episode titles that have the word "red" in them or a reference to the color red in them. Wouldn't it be funny for next season's episodes to suddenly have the word "blue" in them? This would mean an endless array of episode titles to choose from. Later seasons could focus on yellow, then black, then maybe peach.

Until that happens, we have "Red Letter," an episode that was half good and half meh.

This episode was split into two parts for me. The first part was classic 'Mentalist' and the second part was a bit of a jumbled yawn. I liked the first part, when Kristina (with a "K") came back to help on the latest CBI case and got into another battle of wits and banter with Jane. I like when Jane comes up with one-liners and observations about the psychic and figures out how she comes up with the stuff that she knows, like the cherry blossoms tonight.

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