Top Moments: Letterman and Federer Slam as Conan Scores - Featured

With summer a week away, it's time for play. This week some Top Chefs had a collegial competition, Roger Federer hit a career milestone and a super plumber showed how deep he's plunged into our psyches. The week's biggest milestone was the playful return of one of our best Friends Forever. Welcome to Top Moments, fun and games edition.

8. Best Excuse for the Freshman 15: We expected nothing but clever techniques and mouth-watering dishes from the world-renowned cheftestants of Top Chef Masters, but Chef Hubert Keller went above and beyond our expectations in his delicious revamp of a college staple. Using a dorm room shower, he cools his cooked pasta and reheats it to create gourmet mac and cheese - with prawns.

7. Wildest Pitches: David Letterman offers a semi-apology to try to end the Palin family's reaction to his jokes about the Alaska governor visiting New York City - including one about their daughter getting "knocked up by Alex Rodriguez," at a Yankees game. The Palins say the joke referred to "raping" their 14-year-old daughter. But Letterman says he was joking about their 18-year-old - who, he adds, "was knocked up" - and that he wasn't talking about sexual assault. Conspicuously silent is the person who should be most offended: Alex Rodriguez.

6. Best Twist: We get a whole new take on pill-popping, sex-having, rule-bending Nurse Jackie when he learn at the end of the premiere that she's married with two small children. Yes, Mad Men's first episode ended with the same reveal about Don Draper. But the changed gender dynamic keeps this turn vibrant. (Just don't let Jackie turn out to be Dick Whitman.)

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