'Private Practice' Season 3, Episode 23 - 'The End of a Beautiful Friendship' Recap (Season Finale)

"This is a crap day," one character said in the second half of the episode. Indeed, this was not a so happy day for the 'Private Practice' characters and the show's fans.

The lives of Maya and her baby hung in the balance, Pete lied to Sam, William decided his fate, someone lost the battle for the woman he loved, a series regular died, and couples broke up. However, one couple did get engage, and other couples got together.

Are you happy with the show's season finale and where its heading? I'm not.

Let's deal with Dell's death first. When I heard that someone would die in the finale a few weeks back, my theory was that it would be Violet. The character has been spiraling down all season and her scenes were uninteresting, at least to me, and I couldn't wait for Amy Brenneman to be put out of her Violet misery.

I don't know why I never thought of Dell. After all, the character hasn't done much lately and it was just a matter of time before Chris Lowell left the series to find another acting gig where he could get more screen time. Because of that, I'm not too bummed that Dell is the one who died. Chris Lowell wanted to go out with a bang and in the most painful way, and he surely did. Not only that but he was given one of the show's most poignant scene thus far when Dell said his goodbyes to daughter Betsy just before going under the knife. Dell has grown a lot since flirting with Naomi in the pilot, no?

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