Oh, Crap: 'Work of Art' Tests Boundaries Season 1, Episode 4

Miles, the subject of much discussion, finally got a good night's sleep after Judith's elimination. She scared us all, Miles. Simon takes them to see a gallery of Andres Serano's work, photography known for its shock value. Menstrual blood, a crucifix in piss, conjoined twins, plenty to make anyone squirm. They get to meet Serrano, and Erik feels like he's finally understood (why?).

I agree with some of the artists, though, I'm not so sure about art for the sake of being shocking. I'm pretty sure some non-art will come out of this. And a lot of genitalia.

Erik claims that "shock art" is his genre, and is working on a piece about priests molesting children. Mark is working with molestation too. Okay.

Along the same lines, Miles is creating a Mickey Mouse head out of genitalia, based on his first erection, courtesy of Ursula when she turns into Vanessa in The Little Mermaid. That is a great erection story (Simon later revealed that his first was from a Renoir). Speaking of Ursula, Nao is not as much of a villain as she started out to be.

I'll be honest, John's portrait made me uncomfortable. And I can't even think about how Miles "finished" his piece.

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