Project Runway: Preview of Episode 13 "Finale - Part 1"

The final three are heading to Bryant Park on tonight's episode of Project Runway, and we're having yet another all-girl competition. With that said, prepare for more drama and catfights just like last season.

On tonight's finale, the three ladies - Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina - make it to New York Fashion Week and we get to check out their designs. It's out of the workroom and into the designer's own homes as we see what they've been up to with regards to their collections.

As with previous seasons, there's got to be a surprise waiting for the contestants when it comes to those last minutes. Tim Gunn, on the sneak peek of the finale, said that once again they "have an issue."

Does it mean the ladies have to whip up another dress in the short time remaining? Or could it be that they're bringing back another designer? With Project Runway, who can really tell?

We get twelve looks each for fashion week and three girls vying to become the winner of Project Runway's sixth season. Tim knocks on their doors to see how they're doing and he looks surprised at how far the designers have come.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like the garments made are predominantly black. However, our noted fashion guru exclaims that one of them looks like it's from the Wild West. Another dress might cause a gasp, but right now no one's sure if that means pleasant surprise or absolute disgust.

The excitement is running high on tonight's Project Runway, but along with that are the nerves. The tension between Althea and Meana-Irina escalates when one ego gets too enormous and causes friction between the designers. It's easy to guess who those self-absorbed sentiments belong to.

As for Carol Hannah, she's simply sick of these arguments - literally. Tears abound and another big problem arises for Fashion Week. Will it be resolved in time for the runway show?

Don't miss the first part of the finale of Project Runway season 6 as it airs tonight on Lifetime television at 10pm.

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