'Dancing with the Stars' Week 9 Preview

The Dancing with the Stars semi-finals are on the horizon and anything can happen. While Kelly Osbourne has been at the back of the pack, she certainly has some strong fans, so a huge performance, or having another couple slip up, could boost her into the finale.

But with three dances per couple for week 9, it will be harder than ever. For the semi-finals, each couple will have to do a Ballroom and Latin routine they haven't done yet. The third dance for each couple will be the Dance-Off routines they prepared for the double elimination shows but never got to perform.

In other words, we'll finally get to see Donny Osmond dance in his silly, shiny watermelon suit.

Who will three dances help and who will it hurt? Well, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin are definitely helped by this, as they are the most consistently excellent pair left. While the other teams might have wild changes in their scores, Mya and Dmitry seem settled into perfection I expect all 9s or higher on each of their three dances.

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough should also do well, since they have a "Wow" factor lurking underneath every performance. The Futuristic Paso Doble proved that these two can revolutionize the game, even getting the encore over Team D-Mya's Perfect 30. With three dances, even if one is off, odds are they will get two great scores, possibly even a 30 of their own.

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel could be in a bit of trouble. They're pretty consistent, but their level is a few points below Mya's level. Even so, I'll expect nothing below a 25 from these two.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson might be in the most trouble, just based on endurance. Two dances are hard enough, but three might really hurt Donny's chances. Joanna and Mya are 30, Kelly is 25, and Donny is 51. That huge age gap is a severe disadvantage. Even if he has the energy of a man half his age, he'd still be older than Kelly.

He could definitely wow the judges with one big performance, but if he tries anything wild or crazy like his '80s Paso Doble again, Donny might be at the bottom of the Leaderboard.

So without any real knowledge or basis, here's my rough score predictions for next week's Dancing with the Stars semi-finals.

Mya and Dmitry: 28+30+30=88

Joanna and Derek: 29+26+30=85

Donny and Kym: 29+24+27=80

Kelly and Louis: 25+26+27=78

Will Kelly definitely go home next way, or will she pull a huge upset and make the finale?

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