The Hills: Who Could Play Kristin and Brody on 'LA Candy'?

Stars of The Hills are all excited at Lauren Conrad's literary effort being brought to the big screen, but they're more excited at picking actual actors to play them. Earlier, Stephanie Pratt revealed she wanted Queen Latifah to portray her in LA Candy. Now, we get to hear Kristin and Brody's take on the matter.

Out of the multitude of actors and actresses the world has to offer, it was difficult for both reality stars to pick just one. If they couldn't play themselves, who could do a good (even better, we bet) job?

Kristin Cavallari has the answer, and she told MTV News that she'd want one A-list celeb to be in her shoes for LA Candy. "Oh lord! I don't know if anyone can hold up to that! It's a tough job. I don't know if we're going off age. I mean ... I don't know. If we're not going off age, I would say ... I mean, I love Cameron Diaz."

Cavallari even joked that she wouldn't mind switching places with the actress, if ever she gets the chance to play Diaz in a movie. But really, would that be fair? To us audiences, we mean.

"That's who I would want to play in a movie," Cavallari went on. "So if she could that for me, that would be great."

While Lauren Conrad figures out how to get Cameron Diaz to sign up for LA Candy, she may consider getting Brody Jenner to play, well, Brody Jenner in her film. He wouldn't mind.

"Me? I mean, I'd like to play me, realistically," the Hills star said. "But who would I like to play me? Nobody."

But after some time he reconsidered and exclaimed, "Let me think about this. ... If I were to think of one person to play me it would have to be ... Emile Hirsch. Emile Hirsch, you are incredible actor. If you were to play anybody, I would appreciate it. He's one of my favorites, even though he's way better looking."

If Lauren Conrad does succeed in hauling in these Hollywood bigshots, then LA Candy may actually stand a chance. But that's bleak, so we'll just have to wait for whatever cast members she serves up.

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