'Big Brother 11' Live Thoughts: Week 4 Eviction and Week 5 HoH

The Other night should be a very good night on Big Brother 11. Ronnie's fate is all but sealed, and the rat should be evicted, barring anything crazy. But more importantly, we get a new HoH, and even more importantly, we'll meet the winner of Coup d'Etat, the single greatest power in the Big Brother game. It's this show's equivalent of being God, or owning an iPhone.

After Michele refuses to use the Veto, Ronnie claims it's proof that she's untrustworthy and only out for herself. Um, no, it just means she hates you, it has nothing to do with her trustworthiness.

Speaking of liars, Jessie tells Russell point blank that he's never been in a conversation where Chima expressed an interest to backdoor Russell. Flashback to week 2, when Chima said exactly those words while Jessie was in the room.

Then my brain started to hurt, because Chima brought Michele into Russell's room, and Michele denies ever having said anything to Russell. I have no clue if Michele is pretending to cover up her secret alliance with Russell, or if he's really ticked off, or what. Maybe this is some brilliant ploy to unnerve Chima, and if so, then it's working because she goes into full-on diva mode.

From the absurdly crazy to the just plain absurd, Ronnie's newest strategy is to make Jordan feel so sorry for him that she throws him a pity vote, not realizing three other people will vote to save him. How dumb does he think she is?

The comedy level reaches new heights when Ronnie sneaks into Jeff and Jordan's bedroom right as they're trying to get it on. If that's not enough of a mood killer, Ronnie also claims he wants to exit the house with class, only he farts right after he says it. No, that's totally for real. Now Ronnie has two nicknames: Rat and C-Blocker.

Julie Chen, pregnant in a bright yellow shirt making her look like the sun, chats with Russell, and he's quite honest and open about not being so sure about how he'll do once he's not in power, recognizing that being HoH doesn't last forever.

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