THE SIMPSONS ''Loan-A-Lisa'' Review Season 22, Episode 2

In the second episode of THE SIMPSONS twenty second season, Loan-A-Lisa, Grandpa Simpson decides to give his clan the contents of his will: $50 each.

Marge buys a $500 handbag to impress the cackling housewives and their sassy gay friend Julio. She returns the marked handbag and gets a full refund, which inspires Homer to buy and return used items. He is confronted by Chris Hanson from To Catch a Credit Whore.

Lisa decides to give her money to charity and decides to invest it to help an impoverished person. She finds East Springfield is aglow and it turns out Nelson wants to start up a small business doing bicycle repairs. I think his mother's tattoo Assy Lady sealed the deal, and she invested $50 anonymously in his business.

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