True Blood Episode Season 2, Episode 12: "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" - Recap

The witching hour is upon us, folks! In the second-season finale of True Blood, Maryann's plan comes to a surprising conclusion, as both Bill and Sam make serious sacrifices to try to thwart her. But wait, there's a whole lot more, as the residents of Bon Temps, specifically Eggs, have much difficulty dealing with the messy, memory-challenged aftermath, during which Jason and Andy will make life-changing decisions.

The Queen reveals that she's the source of Eric's V-dealing operations, and she is none too pleased that Bill knows about it. Even with Maxine back to "normal," Hoyt and Jessica's relationship still has its challenges. And just when Bill and Sookie - who has begun to question whether she is even human - get ready for their happy ending, a juicy cliff-hanger postpones it... for at least a year, when we'll next see a new episode of Alan Ball's genius vampire fables. Sucks, doesn't it? (One last vampire pun for the road!)

I'm going to do something a little different tonight and try to recap this insanely packed 59 minutes in chronological order, since many overlapping stories unfolded in short bursts of revelatory scenes. Wish me luck!

We pick up right where we left off, with Tara and Eggs preparing a nest for "the egg," and we still have no idea what it all means. Lafayette instructs them to take the egg downstairs - "This means he's coming," says Tara - and tells Sookie to take off her clothes. For a second, I thought this was going in a very confusing, dangerous, uncomfortable direction, but no, he just wants her to change into a white gown.

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