Review: 30 Rock - Klaus and Greta Season 4, Episode 9

In my mind, Jack Donaghy had nothing to do with the whole Leno/Conan/NBC mess. Sure, he's not as high up as Jeff Zucker or Jeff Gaspin or any other executives named Jeff that the Peacock Network might have. But he's the head of a couple of divisions, so they might have asked him for his opinion on the matter. Jack cares about money, sure, but he seems like a Team Conan guy to me.

But I don't like him in "lost Jack" mode, where's he's lovesick and/or frazzled. And that's how he was in both of the new episodes tonight.

And about that, thanks NBC! 30 Rock hasn't been on in several weeks and you knew fans would be thirsty, so thanks for two new episodes (and sorry, Office fans). But that also means an overload of funny one-liners and situations. I love it when actors come on a show playing themselves but playing themselves in a really strange, crazy way (we're beginning to see that a lot lately, especially on shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras). James Franco got the treatment tonight, and I mean it as a compliment when I say that I had no problem believing that Franco would be someone who would fall in love with a pillow.

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