Entourage Season 6, Episode 9: "Security Briefs" - Recap

After a two-week break, Vince and the boys are back and there's trouble in paradise. The men hired to guard Vince and the house are infringing on their territory, Ashley is in constant suspicion of E and Lloyd is unhappier than ever.

The first indication that Ashley doesn't fully trust E is when Drama and Turtle call E to ask him to accompany Vince to a fitting. They harass him about Ashley helping him to wake up and E's cryptic responses send Ashley into a mini-fit that ends in her looking at the numbers on E's phone when he goes into the shower. Rupert Pupkin is the name that appears, further confusing the fragile Ashley.

Ari calls Adam Davies to congratulate him on getting promoted and conferences in Zac Ephron. Zac is mad because Adam used him by promising Disney he would do a shirtless lunch box if they gave The Rock an extra $5mil for Witch 2. An embarrassing exchange with an overzealous mother ensues for Zac before he fires Adam Davies. Adam is sure to find a way to retaliate so stay tuned.

The crew goes to a costume fitting with Vince (and by crew I mean Drama, Turtle, E, and the whole "Israeli Army"), but Vince is forced to return home when the security team loses track of the stalker's whereabouts. E asks for advice about Ashley and Drama replies that "[g]irls have memories like elephants. You get caught lying once, you're done." It doesn't look like there's much hope for E and Ashley.

Director Frank Darabont stops by and gives some advice of his own. He says that after he directed The Shawshank Redemption, he had a stalker who he ended up shooting him in the ass, so he gives Vince a gun before he leaves. He tells Vince to go home and they agree to finish the fitting there.

Davies calls Lloyd to woo him with an agent job to get back at Ari. Lloyd says, "No, thank you" and Andrew comes in to let Ari know that Aaron Sorkin has been officially signed. Adam calls again to tell him the offer has an expiration date.

Drama freaks out back at the house about the security crew losing the stalker. The alleged stalker apparently works at a place called The Pleasure Chest, which to no one's surprise, Drama is very familiar with.

Drama calls his friend Sadie who works there and asks about Curtis (the stalker). She lets him know when he'll be in for his shift.

Ari has some issues with the water cups that Lloyd has provided after Ari asked him to be more green. Lloyd broaches the subject of the 100 days, as it's already been 50, and he wants to make sure things are still on track. Ari gets mad that Lloyd is questioning him. Lloyd informs him that he has a job offer and questions his intentions again. Ari keeps adding an extra 10 days to Lloyd's "sentence."

Best line of the night: "This is not The Breakfast Club Mr. Gold, this is my life."

Ari sends Lloyd in his car to get it washed and to clean up at his house. Ari calls Lloyd to check in on him and Ari loses it on Lloyd and then Lloyd gets into a crash. Lloyd tells Ari he has ruined his life and that he is abandoning the car and abandoning Ari. This doesn't leave Ari very happy.

Ashley shows up at E's office to surprise him but he's at home. That's another strike against E.

The boys get wind that Drama has gone to The Pleasure chest and everyone is afraid Drama's temper will get the best of him when Curtis shows up.

Meanwhile, Turtle is walking through campus and sees a bunch of security girls start giggling at him. One comes over and starts telling him that they know details about him like his address and that he prefers boxers to briefs.

"They're all wearing your underwear." - Sorority Girl

She says their rush chairman told them they had to steal Jamie-Lynn Sigler's boyfriend's underwear. Mystery solved! Luckily, the boys are able to stop Drama in time before he does something to Curtis.

The boys decide to celebrate with a night on the town and Ari gets a new assistant, who he immediately starts to torture. Some things never change...

Are you surprised at the outcome of the stalker case or did you think something like this would happen?

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