Recap Taken: Episode 10

With the military in hot pursuit, Charlie, Lisa and Allie rendezvous with Tom for aid in leaving the United States altogether, with John providing much-needed help in evading Project agents. While awaiting transportation to Buenos Aires, the fugitives seek sanctuary in the old Clarke farmhouse, where the experiment began. John is forced to depart, giving Allie a chance for a normal life. The military tracks them down and surrounds the farmhouse. They are thwarted when a large collection of the "Taken" and other people associated with the Clarke and Keys families arrive to defend Allie, who in turn provides them with the peace of mind they have been seeking. That evening the military launches an attack and blood is shed. Allie is forced to forsake her place with her parents and any chance of life on Earth. She uses her abilities to summon the Alien Visitors, whose entire armada of Motherships arrive and teleport her away, their experiment on Earth concluded. The Project disbands and the military retreats, their mission a failure. Mary Crawford is arrested and imprisoned for life for her crimes, and Charlie and Lisa mourn the loss of their daughter (until they find one of the Clarke star-earrings in the field where Allie vanished). They are heartened by the prospect that Allie will return one day. This episode marks the death of Chet Wakeman and is the series finale.

Source: Wikipedia

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