Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Turtle Undefeated" Episode 5

Poor parenting skills are the name of the game in this week's episode of Life Unexpected. Cate tries to be the cool mother, while, in a strange turn of events, Baze ends up being the bad guy. Lux is the all around terrible daughter when she throws a party in Baze's loft that gets out of hand.

The episode opens on Lux leaving school, continuously being taunted by her "old friends," who call her a "foster freak." Bug says she wouldn't want to friends with them anyway and nearly insights a fight with them. Brynn's boyfriend, Jones, decides they're not complete losers and chats with them, mentioning the party Brynn is throwing him in place of getting the bong lamp confiscated.

Later, Lux cheers on the boys as they scarf down pretty much anything that can be fried. "What's the point of this besides suicide by carnie food?" Math asks. It's all in attempts to find more events they can throw at Baze's bar. Lux then confides to Baze that she's still having a hard time at school, but she does like Jones even if he's "just some jock." Light bulb for Baze! He suggests to Lux that becoming friends with the quarterback will help her rule the school. Lux later finds her perfect in to Jones' life by offering to throw his party at Baze's bar, seeing as Brynn's parents are coming back early.

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